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White Oak British Cream Golden Retriever Sires and Dams!

These Golden Retrievers are known as White, Cream, British and English Cream Golden Retrievers.
We are proud to offer a pure, healthy line of these exceptional Goldens to homes across America.




A calm, gentle giant (95 lbs). Loves and befriends every creature big and small.

Confident, leader of the pack.

Imported from Europe and the son of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS!




Nostradamas is a Champion European Sire. He is also the son of International Champions. Very sought after sire in Europe.

Confident, Calm, Loves Everyone He Meets.

All puppies sired by this boy are absolutely beautiful.





So Lovely, confident, calm and cool. All the Champions and International Champions in her Pedigree show in this beautiful girl.



Willy lives to play and have fun. She is best friends with our miniature horses. Her snow white color makes her so stunning.




Layla is the daughter of Diesel and Nell. Born here at White Oaks. Layla is a leader, extremely smart, confident,

well poised, loving and loyal. Layla is very beautiful and she knows it.

In a 5 generation pedigree Layla has 37 Champions and 13 International Champions!





Daughter of Nell and Diesel

and born here at White Oaks, Jasmin is a snow white beauty!

Her pedigree has 37 Champions and 13 International Champions.

Calm, intelligent, loving and kind.

Just Amazing!





A snow white beauty that was born here at White Oaks. The daughter of European Champions and International Champions. Jelly is fun and always wants to play. She is also loving, kind and very intelligent.






Imported from Europe and the daughter of Champions,

Rolyn is a snow white beauty!

She has all the classic English Cream traits along with her wonderful warm, friendly, calm and intelligent personality.






Champion and the daughter of International Champions,

Tigra is a large girl and is a snow white beauty!

She has a beautiful coat and is a very laid back and intelligent girl.
She has all the English Cream traits along with her strong, clean europeon bloodlines.







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